Goal of Basketball: Score more points, by making baskets, than the opponent.

A couple weeks ago we talked about the four factors of success on the court. Below is a review:

If your team shoots 65% but your opponent shoots 70%, there is a 40% chance your team will lose the game. Shooting matters. Shooting better than the opponent and getting more shot attempts, or as many shot attempts as them, is what wins games.

As a general rule of thumb, it is easier to make open and in rhythm shots than it is to make guarded and out of rhythm shots. Last week we shared three tips to make open shots. This week we will share three tips to help eliminate open shots.

1. Sprint the Floor

2. Pressure & Contain the Ball

3. Value the Ball

Sprint the Floor

Sprinting back on defense does two important things: First, it builds a wall between the ball and the basket. Second, it allows the defense to pressure and contain the basketball.

Pressure & Contain the Ball

Pressuring the basketball interrupts offensive rhythm. The challenge with extreme pressure is that it is difficult to keep the ball in front. If a ball handler can routinely beat his man, it forces another defensive player to leave their man to stop the ball, resulting in an open and in rhythm shot. The challenge is pressuring the ball, while containing or keeping it in front.

“When your ball pressure is bad…your defense is bad!”

-Tim Miles

Value the Ball

There two ways to value the ball. One, don’t turn it over. Two, rebound like your life depends on it…certainly your playing time depends on it.

Three ways to protect the ball:

1. Catch every pass like you are going to shoot.

2. Always be in triple threat.

3. Fake, make and meet passes.

Two tips to rebounding:

1. Treat every shot like it is going to be missed.

2. About 60% of misses bounce long.