Hungry to become a better basketball player?

Get a clear path towards improvement.

Most players want to get better,

This is frustrating. Don’t be held back.
You were designed for more.

Jordan has the knowledge and passion to help players become elite. His focus on details and repetition helps translate to in game success.

Nick Fuller

Ex-College Player, South Dakota & Nebraska

As a former player of Coach Hitchcock, he has remained a great friend and mentor. His passion for basketball and players is second to none. What sets him apart is his honesty and the way he holds players accountable. The attention to detail emphasized in his workouts has taken my game to the next level.

Tucker Pinyan

Ex-College Player, Peru State College & Parkview Christian

Skilled Hoops has been very beneficial to our basketball program. It has offered our players an opportunity to learn and refine their skills, to compete with and against players from neighboring towns, and a fun community with other players and coaches who want to improve their game. 

Jeff Bachman

Head Coach, Clarkson-Leigh HS

We feel your frustration.

We want you to succeed.