Basketball is a simple game. Score more points than your opponent. The way you score is to shoot the ball. Young players, to reach your goals you must perfect your jump shot. Shooting is the most important part of the game.

Statistically there are four factors of success on the court. For an article that explains each of these factors in more detail click here. Below are the four factors and the weight of their importance:

1. Shooting (40%)

2. Turnovers (25%)

3. Rebounding (20%)

4. Free Throws (15%)

If your effective field goal percentage is higher than you opponent’s, your team has a 40% chance of winning the contest. This makes sense because the only way to score is to put the ball through the net. The importance of shooting is obvious, but the importance of turnovers and rebounding is slightly less obvious. Let’s take a second and unpack their importance.

When a turnover is committed, what really happens? A team loses their chance to shoot entirely. Not only that but the opposing team usually attempts a higher percentage shot in transition.

Rebounding takes place on both the defensive and offensive end of the court. A defensive rebound keeps the opposing team from getting another chance to shoot, while an offensive rebound gives your team another opportunity to shoot.

All four of these factors come down to whether or not your team makes more shots than the opponent. Shooting and free throws are all about how well you shoot. Turnovers and rebounding are about the number of shots you get compared to your opponent.

Effective basketball players do three things well:

1. Make open shots.

2. Don’t let the opponent get open shots.

3. Create open shots for their teammates.

Get in the gym and work on these three skills!