I had an ex-player reach out me this week interested in being a student manager. He wondered if I would be willing to make a call for him.

This made me think of my time as a student manager and graduate assistant. I had the privilege of working for two head coaches and 13 high major assistant coaches. I could not have asked for a better environment to learn teaching strategies, techniques and schemes.

In this week’s segment, I will highlight one thing I learned from three of those coaches.

Phil Beckner was and still is excellent at the technical aspects of skill development. Consistency in being shot ready, balance and follow through were emphasized during every shooting workout. Coach Beckner would demand great reps. Reps that were half speed or lacking focus were met with a consequence. Great reps over and over again are what make great players.

Craig Smith routinely used the acronym “KISS”. “Keep It Simple Stupid.” “KISS” was apparent in the way he did scouting reports and designed skill development sessions. I can remember Coach Smith emphasizing that a player needs a “go to” move and a “counter” move. Be great at that. There is no need to be average at a bunch of different moves.

Doc Sadler was so generous with his time. Coach Sadler was such a people person. People that had nothing to offer him would be invited into his office, offered a “cold drank” and he would, just, talk to them. Keep in mind, Doc had a lot of things on his plate. As I look back, this still amazes me. Coach made time for people.

In conclusion, I would recommend being a student manager or G.A. to any young person interested in working in athletics. This is a great way to learn from exceptional people.

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