Our society is enamored with quick and easy. Cell phones give us instant access to an unlimited amount of information. We have become impatient and entitled to what we want, now. The expectation for instant satisfaction and results has created a hurdle for young athletes because growth follows a specific process.

At Skilled Hoops we empower athletes by helping remove the hurdle of instant satisfaction by helping them understand the truth about what it requires to grow. We call this the Skilled Process. The majority of this process was taken from Daniel Coyle’s book The Talent Code. Below is Coyle’s diagram of talent. I will then unpack each piece of the diagram and briefly explain how we apply it.


All human beings are wired to learn, grow and improve. Ignition takes place when an athlete believes they are wired to grow and makes the personal choice to do the work required to improve. This concept is applied by teaching athletes about mindset, habits and neurology. Check out the following resource from Carol Dweck for more information on mindset.

Master Coaching:

The coaches roll is to ignite curiosity within the athlete. To reveal just enough that the athlete can’t wait to explore on their own. As a coach, I apply this by teaching the “why” behind concepts and techniques. When an athlete understands “why” they more easily buy in and own their own development.

Deep Practice:

Is strategic and purposeful practice designed to move a skill from a current state to an ideal state. Deep practice takes place on the outside edge of an athlete’s current capabilities. Struggle, mistakes and perseverance are the ingredients necessary to build the neurocircuits of skill. This concept is applied by teaching athletes how to implement The Talent Code’s three rules of deep practice: Chunk it up, Repeat it and Learn to feel it. For more information on Deep Practice click here.

Win (Coyle uses “Talent” in place of win):

When an athlete competes, they can go out and perform at the level of their training. Who they are as a player has already been determined through ignition and deep practice. At Skilled Hoops we implement this concept by teaching athletes that being a champion is a pursuit, a way of life; not a title. Daring them to go conquer in freedom!

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