Why Skilled Hoops

Most basketball players want to get to the next level, but they don’t know how. At Skilled Hoops we’ll guide you through this process by developing your technique, mindset and heart.

Unfortunately, your breakthrough won’t happen in one or two sessions. This is why we’ve developed a process where athletes compile 20 hours of effective practice per month. Research shows that you can go from never doing a skill to
being pretty good in 20 hours (Josh Kaufman).

Improvement takes 20 hours of effective practice and we understand this is a significant commitment. At Skilled Hoops we are making this commitment to you and will guide you through this process. Billing athletes monthly allows us to work with committed athletes. To make sure we are a good fit for you, the first coaching session is FREE.

Gym space in Lincoln is limited. The YMCA is crowded with kids. We know you want a place where you can get in the gym and get better without distractions. This is why our
gym will be open for members to come in and do their workouts during all open hours.

Great coaching is an investment, but how much is confidence and the thrill of a break-through worth?”

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