Hungry to Improve…Tryout!

For 5th-8th grade boys & girls.


Lincoln Tryout

Sunday, March 5th

5th-8th Boys & Girls


Lincoln Lutheran High School

Hastings Tryout

Sunday, March 12th

5th-8th Boys & Girls


Hastings High School

Columbus Tryout

Sunday, March 19th

5th-8th Boys & Girls


Columbus High School

Skilled Hoops 5th-8th Grade Teams


1 per Week 
  • Application of Fundamentals
  • Motion Offense
  • Man to Man Defense
  • Situational Basketball


5 Tournaments
  • Spring 2 or 3
  • Located in Lincoln or Omaha
  • Summer 2 or 3
  • Schedule based individual teams

Skilled Academy

1 per Week 
  • Master the fundamentals
  • Detailed instruction
  • Competition
  • Equip you with a growth mindset

Get the keys to unlock your potential.

Learn how to develop your own workouts 

Develop consistent habits of success  


Compete against the best competition

Get coaching that empowers you

Sharpen your game along-side great players

Develop as a player & person

We believe in the players in our area.

We want you to reach your potential.

1. Register for 

    the Tryout.

2. Get the                        opportunity

    you deserve.

3. Move toward 

    your potential!